Alm Projects is a cooperative studio that designs brands and products With Respect to their impact on our planet and its inhabitants. We channel our passions into a brand called Ø Almanac. Feel free to contact
We are A cooperative STUDIO that designs brands and products with respect
to their impact on our planet and its inhabitants.

Feel free to contact

who we work with

Precious Plastic
‍New Balance
Day Owl
Marc Jacobs
Gwynne Sound
And 1

What we work on

Product Design
Brand Identity
Sustainable Strategy
Creative Direction
Product Development
Impact Marketing
Web Design
Material Design
Material Sourcing


James Gall

Dannÿ Chambers


At Alm Projects, we are friends, designers, and collaborators who share common values. Danny grew up in the rural midwest and was raised on a foundation of public service and time outside, while James grew up in the suburbs of New York, raised by two designers who taught him to value observation and education. We met while attending the product design program at the University of Cincinnati's DAAP. The Co-Op (internship) program there provided us with both Bauhaus foundations and professional experience. After graduating, Danny went on to work as a Materials Designer for  Nike (multinational corp/goddess of victory), while James continued his work with FEIT, a brand that makes small-batch, handmade footwear from natural materials. Now we work together building a backpack brand in Pittsburgh called Day Owl. Through it all we have worked on projects whose applications and influences span far and wide. Alm Projects is the ongoing organization of this work; our neighborly practice of giving back to a world that gives so much.